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What I want from ICICI (Pune) home loan department

Complaint Status : Its been more than 6 months (9 may09 - till date) and I have sent letters to Customer Service Manager, Bank manager, Avijit Saha, ICICI Head Quality Service, Shiva Kumar, B Madhivanan, Banking Ombudsman but the situation is same. Everybody is playing ping pong and the corrupt officials Gaurav Bose and Prakash Sikri are still working freely.

Issue: ICICI Pune (Shivaji Nagar) Housing finance dept is misleading people who want to switch their housing loan from higher rate of interest to a lower (prevailing) rate of interest. They are forcing people to buy ULIP of 50K. They have forced me to buy one such ULIP policy of 40k in order to switch my home loan.

How do I know: I have two home loans from ICICI; one in Delhi and other in Pune. Since both my loans were on floating interest I decided to switch them to the current prevailing rate of interest. As I am in working in Pune I went to the Pune Branch first for my Pune Home loan switch and they told me about the compulsory ULIP policy of 50K for a loan switch. I had a big argument with the customer service rep and then the manager intervened and told me the same thing. Since the manager itself was telling me I had no choice but to buy the policy of 40k (the home loan guy reduced the amount).

After that I went to Delhi for my Delhi home loan switch and I got a shock of my life when ICICI, Delhi switched my loan in 2 hours flat without asking for any extra papers or ULIP policy purchase.

Same Process, but different ways: ICICI Delhi branch completed the whole process in 2 hrs flat and ICICI Pune branch took 1 month to do the same. ICICI Pune guys were more interested in getting the ULIP than switching my home loan. They infact changed my loan account number by closing the previous loan and issued me a new loan account number. It is surprising to see why ICICI bank has two different processes for the same home loan switch procedure. This shows that ICICI Pune branch is working on their whims and fancy and connive with the Insurance dept to help them meet their targets.

Losses I suffered: In converting my home loan switch from ICICI Pune, I have suffered the following losses because of Gaurav Bose and Prakash Sikri’s selfish motive.
~ Rs 40000 paid towards the ULIP and the ULIP is for 18 years so that means I will be paying 40K every year to ICICI
~ Extra one month interest paid on my housing loan. If ICICI Pune had switched my loan on the day I approached them, I would have saved one month interest.

ICICI Bank branch: 1194/8, RamaChandra Sabha Mandap, Ghole Road, Shivaji Nagar, Pune - 411005

Corrupt ICICI officials:
~ ICICI Bank home loan officer : Gaurav Bose, ,
+91 99237 50346
~ ICICI Prudential officer : Prakash Sikri, ,
+91 98817 34534

I need the following from ICICI bank :

~ The money I paid for ULIP i.e. Rs 40000 as I don’t want the UILP, it was forced to me. - Got the ULIP money back
~ The extra one month interest I paid because ICICI Pune Branch took 1 month for a process which ICICI Delhi Brach completed in 80minutes flat. I want the 1 month interest which I paid extra, back.
~ Why there is a difference between the switch procedures at different ICICI branches. Delhi took 80 minutes and Pune took 1 month.
~ Why my loan account number has been changed whereas ICICI Delhi branch kept it the same? I want it to change back to my previous account number.
~ Why I have been asked to submit four blank checks with no date and amount and what is the status of these checks?
~ Why Delhi branch never asked me these blank cheques.
~ When my previous loan account is closed, why I have not been returned my previous blank checks which I have submitted at the time of opening the account?
~ Why the disbursement amount is given to this new account number ( LBPUN 00000 91). Whose account is this?
My Old Home loan No: LBPUN 00000 912xxx
My New Home loan No : LBPUN 00000 175xxxx
The disbursement amount went to LBPUN 00000 91 ??????
~ Why Gaurav Bose is sending fake ICICI letters with no references at all. I wonder if ICICI has a record of all the letters I have received. (Attached)

~ Actions against Gaurav Bose and Prakash Sikri as they are taking people for c ride. If I would have had only Pune loan, I could have never known about this cheating ICICI Pune bank employees are doing. They must have duped many people with only Pune home loan.
~ Why Gaurav is not accepting that he duped me? Why is he not taking the responsibility of his actions? Why is he getting shielded?

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9 Response to What I want from ICICI (Pune) home loan department

February 17, 2010 at 1:50 AM

Dear Mr. Jalal,

We understand that our officials have met you and resolved your queries to your satisfaction.

ICICI Customer Service Team.

June 24, 2010 at 2:57 AM


Please confirm whether queries were resolved to your satisfaction.

September 6, 2010 at 3:49 AM

Please confirm whether queries were resolved to your satisfaction

May 24, 2012 at 11:34 PM

Same thing has happened with me, my dad was forced to buy Luis of 50 k, which I dis continued from second year, for which icici have returned 13k, I.e. 37 k loss, due to his I have discontinued all my a/c with icici and I am happy with HDFC.

May 13, 2015 at 3:58 AM

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Everybody is playing ping pong and the corrupt officials Gaurav Bose and Prakash Sikri are still working freely.
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