Friday, May 8, 2009

How it all Started


I have a home loan in Delhi as well as in Pune and I wanted to go for a home loan ROI switch(converting from higher ROI loan to an existing ROI loan). Given below is the process of Home Loan switch at ICICI Home Loan Delhi Branch and Pune Branch.


Pune (Shivaji Nagar) Branch:


3 Mar,09 - The customer care executive asked me to buy a ULIP of 50000 in order to avail a loan switch. I was shocked and had an argument with him and soon I was directed to the manager (I forgot his name). He told me that as per the current scheme I have to pay 50K towards the ULIP to avail the loan switch. He introduced me to the home loan officer name Gaurav and he reduced the ULIP amount to 40K. He asked me to furnish many docs, I don’t even remember but I remember giving them a copy of my address proof as one of the many docs they asked for.

They made me fill the ICICI Pru ULIP forms and a check of 40K towards the first premium (paid via check no 116639).

They made me fill the loan agreement for the switch and asked for the following blank checks (with no date and amount).

4 April, 09 : It took them one month to process the whole thing, surprisingly they processed the insurance within 4 days and check was cleared in next day but for home loan switch they took their sweet time and finally on 4 April, 09 I called the customer care for the status and they confirmed the new loan no to me.

Home Loan Officer’s Name:
Gaurav Bose,
+91 99237 50346

ICICI Prudential Officer’s name:
Prakash Sikri,
+91 98817 34534

Delhi Branch:


May, 2009: The customer care executive asked me for a dully filled agreement, a 50 rupee stamp paper and a check towards the switch fee. I completed the formalities and he provided methe amount to be filled in the check. He issued me a receipt and every thing was done in 80 minutes flat. I was so impressed.

Pls Note :

è ICICI home loan delhi center did not ask for a blank check. They gave me an amount for the switch fee there and at that point itself.

è Apart from an agreement, a 50 rupee stamp and a switch fee check, NO other document was asked from me.

è They did not change my loan account number and when I asked if he will change it, he was kind of surprised n said why we will change the loan account number.

Why the same switch process is different in Delhi and Pune ? ICICI Pune is duping the home loan customer by forcing them ULIPs.

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