Monday, February 15, 2010

Finally my queries are resolved, after 9+ months....

After my discussion with Bonny Thomas, Shakti Singh, Prateek Sharma and (I dont remember the name of the forth person), they were finally able to provide me a written explanation of all my queries.

Its so good to see people who are not directly involved taking a proactive stance and helping me out, where its sad to see ICICI as company fail to address customer complaints for 9+ months.
ICICI complaint cell is a big bluff and a waste of time.

Here is the list of questions for which I wanted an explanation, from the last 9+ months :

Q1: The extra one month interest I paid because ICICI Pune Branch took 1 month for a process which ICICI Delhi Brach completed in 80minutes flat. I want the 1 month interest which I paid extra, back.

Q2: Why there is a difference between the switch procedures at different ICICI branches. Delhi took 80 minutes and Pune took 1 month.

Q3: Why my loan account number has been changed whereas ICICI Delhi branch kept it the same? I want it to change back to my previous account number.

Q4: Why I have been asked to submit four blank checks with no date and amount and what is the status of these checks?

Q5: Why Delhi branch never asked me these blank cheques.

Q6: When my previous loan account is closed, why I have not been returned my previous blank checks which I have submitted at the time of opening the account?

Q7: Why the disbursement amount is given to this new account number ( LBPUN 00000 91). Whose account now is this? (Attached)

My Old Home loan No: LBPUN 00000 912xxx

My New Home loan No : LBPUN 00000 175xxxx

The disbursement amount went to LBPUN 00000 91 ??????

Q8: Why Gaurav Bose is sending fake ICICI letters with no references at all. I wonder if you have a record of all the letters I have received.

Q9: Actions against Gaurav Bose and Prakash Sikri as they are taking people for c ride. If I would have had only Pune loan, I could have never known about this cheating ICICI Pune bank employees are doing. They must have duped many people with only Pune home loan.

Q10: Why Gaurav is not accepting that he duped me? Why is he not taking the responsibility of his actions? Why is he getting shielded?

Here is a copy of their official letter explaining all my queries. let me tell you that this is the first sensible official letter i have seen from ICICI in last nine months.

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