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Letter of Appreciation to ICICI

Letter of Appreciation

ICICI Bank Limited, Pune
ICICI Pru Limited, Mumbai
23rd Feb, 2010

To Whom it may Concern

This, Letter of Appreciation, is a with reference to my complaint which got resolved after 9+ months due to the proactive help and support provided by four ICICI officials whose details are given below. I would like to thank them personally for their sincerity and dedication towards ICICI. I personally feel that ICICI is lucky to have them on-board but the irony is people like them are in minority. ICICI have more corrupt people and just handful of dedicated people.

Mr. Bonny Thomas, Regional Head Sales (salary Account) ICICI Bank, Pune:
He has done a commendable job by patiently listening to the complaint and solving the queries in just a weeks time. I really appreciate his help as he has gone out of the way to take care of this complaint. Bonny is from the salary department but still he did his homework well and provided me all the answers. I wonder what stopped the real culprits and their seniors from doing so. He is The Man with amazing problem solving abilities.

Mr. Shakti Singh, Relationship Manager, (salary Account) ICICI Bank, Pune:
Shakti was very instrumental in providing me a resolution since I got in touch with him. He was actively interacting with all the concerned people and was keeping me up-to-date on the latest developments.

Ms. Saphira Sequeira, Customer Relations Manager, ICICI Pru, Mumbai:
She acted very promptly on my complaint and took it seriously. Also she was keeping me updated on the developments on a regular basis. I like the fact that she took the complaint as a top concern and initiated an enquiry on Prakash Sikri to authenticate the complaint.

Ms. Teena Katyal, Customer Service Manager, ICICI Pru, Mumbai:
When Saphira was on leave, Teena took over the case and she helped me getting an apology letter along with my premium money. I was amazed that she did all this in just 15 days flat.

I am attaching the resolution letter provided by the above as a reference. Also I am attaching the worst letters in the corporate history provided by both the crooks Prakash Sikri and Gurav Bose. They are being shielded by their seniors who don’t have the audacity to take any action.

It’s a matter of big shame that ICICI could not resolve an issue for 9+ months which only took a week, when taken seriously. The ICICI complaint cell is a waste of time and all the escalation levels are nothing but eyewash. It’s high time ICICI should set some processes right and place a trigger which can alert them if any complaint lingers on for months.

I am not sure if I will ever get the answers for the questions below,

Q1. Why my complaint took 9+ months, when the answers were very simple?
Q2. Why ICICI complaint cell never responded to any of my queries?
Q3. Why ICICI has 3 levels of escalation when not a single level actually produces result?
Q4. What is ICICI policy for compensation to the customer who suffered for 9+ months due to the inefficiency of your corrupt staff?
Q5. Why I did not get the answers from Prakash Sikri and Gaurav Bose or for that matter even from their seniors?
Q6. How is the ROBOT B. Vijay Rose helping the duped customers or even ICICI for that matter?
Q7. Why do ICICI pass the complaint to call center people who simply call me to ask my DOB, fathers name, mothers name, last transaction, account no, EMI, Loan sanctioned, etc even before saying Hello?
Q8. How can ICICI hire guys who don’t even know how to write a mail or not to misuse their powers by sending fake ICICI mails?
Q9. How can senior ICICI official make a statement like “Let bygones be bygones”? Why don’t they respect their customer’s time and energy? This is a sheer example of “Chalta Hai” attitude.

ICICI needs to understand that their senior folks represent ICICI and a statement like above proves the disrespect towards customer’s time and an unprofessional culture.

I strongly feel that ICICI will be doomed if people, like the ones mentioned above, will leave the company. I personally don’t have any faith left in ICICI. I suffered for 9+ months to get the answers of my questions.

I wish Bonny Thomas, Shakti Singh, Saphira Sequeira and Teena Katyal all the best in their career and future endeavors.

PS: This blog is a testimonial of what I have undergone. If someone has any concerns about the same, I will be more than happy to answer but I would like someone really senior to interact with me. By seniors I mean the people like Mr Kamat, Ms Kochhar, otherwise please don’t bother. Also I would like to mention that I don’t have any hidden agenda with this blog. Just so you know that with all the proofs I have, I can simply sue ICICI but I don’t have time for these things. I just want to educate other people on how ICICI works so that they can safeguard themselves. A resolution time of 9+ months for simple queries is a big shame and a matter of grave concern for INDIA’s largest bank.

Attachments :

1. Last mail from Bonny clarifying all the queries : page 1, page 2
2. Apology mail from ICICI Pru : full mail
3. Fake Mail from Gaurav Bose : page1, page2
4. Worst mail ever from Prakash Sikri : full mail

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